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Humor Makes Me Laugh, Even When No One Wears a Funny Hat,              by Peg Murphy

   Peggy M Murphy

​Ohio Wedding Officiant,       Actress & Author​

Who feels they would be HONORED to officiate your marriage?

 I DO!

Who wants to perform the kind of wedding that YOU want?



  • Q -Where will I go to support you on this special day?

                         Anywhere in Ohio

  • What is your experience?                                                                                                                          I performed my first wedding 10 years ago and LOVE it!

  • Q - Do you have any restrictions on whom you will officiate?                                       IF YOU LOVE EACH OTHER, I WILL HONOR ALL!​                                                                                  
  • Q -  How much do you charge?                                                                                              From feedback from my clients, I am MUCH LESS expensive than any other service but please call me for pricing!  513-652-2173. Pricing DEPENDS...on travel time, if I need to provide counseling for vows, if I am needed at the rehearsal, etc.